Epo-555 - Argentina

Song Rating: 9.13/10

Song lyrics:

Silver dream confetti in my eyes

Swallowing the bullets and the shells

Picking up the paperroses rovers

But they know me all to well

Dug into the mine with senior Grant

Greatness paves the way for you and me

Diving in the pools with sweet Chiquita

But you know her far to well

A dollar takes you in Argentina

But only God knows when to quit

We should have stayed away from all the big casinos

But then you know me all to well

Her eyes were burning in a fever-dream

She lost and lost and all her luck ran dry

Beauty is a gamblers bad companion

She knows it all to well

Why get stuck with me and senior Grant

Caughing up the bullets and the shells

Know the time has come for paperroses

But you know it all so well

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 18:49