Eminem - Eminems Greatest Songs Ranked 1 - 100 (according to thetoptens)

Song Rating: 8.86/10

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READ: Lists and rankings have been posted everywhere, judging Eminems songs based off of few (usually unpopular) opinions. It seems today, fans either love or hate Marshalls new work. Finally a list is here that has been voted on by FANS and users of thetoptens.com , it contains both songs and freestyles, they include the commentary given by voters on why they like the song. Most likely everyone will disagree with portions of this list considering it has a mixed input from both old AND new fans of Slim. It must be noted that this is all completely opinionated and is nothing to become agitated over; everyone has their own opinion. (Even though the commentary here seems generally unintelligent in the lower rankings . . . good God . . . just reading through most of this is cringe-worthy)
With that being said, enjoy!

100. Despicable
Best freestyle hes ever done! If you actually listen to the words its a GREAT SONG!

99. Buffalo Bill
The rhymes are perfect

98. FoodStamp (Eminem)

97. Airplanes, Pt. 2
Should be in top 10..
Listen It If You Are A true Fan Of him..
Love You Marshall.. You Rocks!

95. Brain Damage
One of Eminems greatest songs! Why this isnt even in his top 135 songs I do not know! He shows great emotion in this song about how he got bullied as a kid, it must be hard for little Em! This is an amazing song! :-)

94. Bad Meets Evil
Its amazing guys what happen to yo

93. My Darling
Listen to the lyrics, they make a lot of sense and mean a lot more than love the way you lie and crap like that

92. You Dont Know
Dude.. This is like the best of the best... All the good ones rapping with him... Its very sad that this song is not included in the top 10... Nobody knows how hard I tried to find this song after hearing this song on T.V... Unfortunately the name wasnt shown

91. Difficult
This song just got to me it pulled my heart strings and I get really sad when he couldnt say casket its just one of those songs that once you hear the lyrics your addicted in fact Im listening to it now definitely #1 in my list

90. Beautiful Pain
Amazing and incredibly underrated. Eminem and Sia do such a beautiful job!

89. Smack That
Both were my favorite songs for a bit. Smack That with Akon was a great song because of Akons catchy Hook/Pre-Hook and Eminems rap. Till I Collapse feat. Nate Dogg (RIP) was one of his best songs due to being a pump up song and Nates great hook. These come in at a tie at #10. HONORABLE MENTIONS: I Need A Doctor, Space Bound, Cinderella Man, The Real Slim Shady, Like Toy Soldiers, Elevator

88. Die Alone
Awesome song and best thing small.This song refreshes my mind and Kobe was awesome
I know Shady XV isnt much good but cant be boring

87. Untitled

86. Stronger Than I Was
Amazing song very underrated this legacy, beautiful pain, headlights, the monster are the best songs on his new album how the heck is this 152 vote its amazing and emotional

85. Careful What You Wish For
Great beat, great meanings = Brilliant song!
This should really be up there in top 20 at least!
You can just sit back and listen to it on repeat for hours!

84. Welcome 2 Hell
Best song from hell: the sequel

83. 97 Bonnie & Clyde
People this is crazy. This is by far one of the top 10 songs ever made. It has comedy, violence, and a good beat. Its perfect. Real fans open your eyes and press like on this comment

82. One Shot 2 Shot

81. Almost Famous
This song is not bad at all. Ya this song underrated because of not Afraid, lose your self, stan. But this is one of the best song. The song need to be higer ranking. But this song include Adult word thats y song down too much

80. Underground
Laugh out loud Underground & Drop the World at #80 and #81 right now. Pretty ridiculous, they are both amazing songs and in my top 10. - waxythread13

79. Guts Over Fear
This is the Eminem I love, he has many personas in his music, but the one he portrays in this track is the one I love

78. Amityville
I cant believe that this song isnt in the top few. This song is amazing. Its the good old violent Slim Shady. True Eminem fans will love this. Its related to Marshalls life, plus additional sense of humor in the song, and then Bizzare making the song a little more crude

77. b**h Please II
The meat and potatoes of rapping, really a great song why on earth is it 96th with: Em, Dre, Snoop, Nate, Xzibit so many great artists and they are placed 96th

76. Ass Like That
Coolest song of Eminem... Probably the best one of all his songs... This one must actually be in the top 10 list

75. So Bad
Best song in Recovery, without a doubt. Vocals are amzing, instrumentals are even better, and its all in all an amazing song

74. Seduction
This is easily the best song on recovery. Not Afraid and No Love dont even compare with it. Eminems old songs are still better but this is the closest yet. - lnsc10

73. Square Dance
Come on, this song actually has meaning, it should be in the top 20 for sure

72. Legacy
I used to be the type of kid that would always think the sky was falling

71. We Made You
Eminem is the only rapper, the ONLY, I bring myself to listen to. And this is the first a Eminem song Ive ever heard, and when I watched the video, I nearly wet myself laughing...oh, that made me sound a bit like a baby...

70. Dรฉjร  Vu
77 are you kidding me this song deservess to be in the top 20. The chorous is just crazy amazing!

69. Cum On Everybody

68. Love the Way You Lie, Pt. II
Wow love the way you lie 1 is just an awesome rap ever I heard but 2 it can do better

67. k** You
Its everything that makes Marshall who he is, all rolled into one song

66. Wicked Ways
Eminem really saved the best for last with this song. Great track and definitely deserves a higher rating at least top 25

65. Yellow Brick Road
Yellow Brick Road should be higher it is one of the best songs he ever did

64. Youre Never Over
Eminem you mean everything to me, youre the best man n I m your biggest fan ever... Thats all I wanna say right now but one day youll know me n you realize that day I m more crazier then stan P.S...

63. Bully
How isnt this on the top 10? This inspires me so much

62. Crack a Bottle
Too smooth of a beat to pa** up! This song is amazing, you here it once and you sing for months. Definitely a top twenty for sure

61. Forever
Haha Eminem k**ed those other rappers

60. Stimulate
Apparently people are easily swayed by catchy producing and less by genius. Not saying that all the Recovery-songs at the top end of this ranking are low quality. Hardly any of Ems is; rhymes, content, flow, visual imagery, scene-setting or even catchy producing theres always a reason to really like a song
For me best means good in every aspect, in a way that makes that song a whole, in which every single word or sound is right where it should be.
Songs like this one, Renegades, Way I am, Rabbit Run, White America, Emulate are Em at his best in my opinion

59. My Band
Eminem has better songs than My Band but you cant deny the genius within the album and within the song itself. Excellent to hear, brilliant rapping and it should definitely be higher than 57th place (on the 15th of september 2013) as its better than songs such as Love the way you lie which holds 8th place

58. 3am
Lyrical masterpiece better then anything on recovery

57. Business
How can this song be at the bottom
No way. Oh! This is a superb song by Eminem
I love this song very much. The music is amazing and everything is great in this song. Please vote for business

56. Going Through Changes
Great beat and rhythm. Should definitely be in the top 20 at least

55. Talkin 2 Myself
This song definitely needs to be higher, amazing lyrics, chorus and emotion, definitely at top 20 song!

54. Still Dont Give a F***
Are you kidding me! How is this song 112th! This song is in my top ten. Come on guys your better than that

53. Infinite
This album put Eminem on the map and showed he had the potential to be the artist he is today

52. Kim
This may not be Eminems best song. But you can hear his emotion being poured out. It should really be much higher than 29

51. No Apologies
This is lyricism at its highest potential with great meaning. Very underrated. Its definitely up there with Lose yourself, Stan, Sing For The Moment, Rock Bottom, The Way I Am, Cleaning Out My Closet. Come on lets get this right people!

Holy sh** we are halfway done and Im already skeptical about posting this. Please dont hate me, I didnt make the list

50. Drug Ballad
My favorite hands done man. Should be in top 25

49. Wont Back Down
I can not believe that this song is not at least in the top 25. This is song is better than Love the way you Lie. This is the second best song on the entire recovery album, second to not afraid

48. Survival

So-good eminem rapping is so awesome of this song and it k**s till I collapse he sings it for call of duty ghosts what a song liz also does good part of this song it rocks man

47. Lighters
Its a brilliant and fantastic song, amazing rap, catchy music, so to be honest, its a real masterpiece. Thank you Eminem!

46. Mosh
Amazing song... this song is actually a pump up song for me. This brings goosebumps to my skin. I understand where he is coming from, and I can understand his feelings in this song

45. Headlights
Superb lyrics.em apologies to his mother very emotional

44.My Dads Gone Crazy
Very underrated song, listen to the lyrics when it gets real dark, they are some of his best

43. Shake That
Two legends in one song. RIP Nate - GuyYouKnow

42.Fast Lane
This song from Bad Meets Evils new album is amazing and the rap from Eminem is just unbeatable!

41. 8 Mile
Simple music just like stated. It makes this my number one Eminem-drug, shaking my head back and forth whole night. This is c**aine!

40. Just Lose It
This song shows how funny Eminem can be. He is truly the best rapper ever. JUST LOSE IT! SHADY IS BACK SO GET READY!

39. Cold Wind Blows
UNDErrated, this song really fires you up! Very flow and great chorus!

38. Im Back
Yo this is true stuff he is rapping about man. This is like his most pa**ionate song on the whole Marshall Mathers LP cd

37. Hailies Song
So my favorite Eminems song lies at 23... Thats a shame, I dont know how this is eve possible that this song is not in top 10! Such a beautiful rap with amazing and I mean amazing chorus, a must, must listen!

36. The Monster
Guys vote for this amazing song the way eminem and rihanna sing it its unique and this song top in chart listen and enjoy this song!

35. Renegade
See Im a poet to some/A regular/ Modern day Shakespeare/ Jesus Christ the
King of these Latter Day Saints here/ To shatter the picture In which of that As they paint me/ As a monger of hate and/ Satan a scatter-brained atheist/ But that aint the case/ See its a matter of taste..

34. Marshall Mathers
Should be at least top10. Much better than not Afraid and love the way you lie. Tells the story of what happened after he became famous. Must listen to song

33. Criminal
Should be in the top 5 at least same with forgot about dre. Its better than anything from recovery, just listen to the hilarious lyrics and his awesome flow. Listen to some real Eminem songs before you vote on some piece you heard on the pop charts

32. Criminal
Should be in the top 5 at least same with forgot about dre. Its better than anything from recovery, just listen to the hilarious lyrics and his awesome flow. Listen to some real Eminem songs before you vote on some piece you heard on the pop charts

31. Superman
Why is this so low?! Nothing from Recovery should be above this!

30. Soldier
This song is like a stream of river... Flowing and making its own way downhill. Intense rapping with meaningful lyrics not just blabber

29. Just Dont Give a F***
This is one of shadys best songs
How can it not be in 5
Originally of the slim shady EP
Eminem is The greatest Rapper Ever

28. Cinderella Man
Great SOng Absolutely amazing Greathink this is the most inspirational song em has ever made, every line from start to finish is simply awesome and can pump up any one
Hats off 2 him for this one pump up song! Absolutely unstoppable

27. White America
Really? 47th? Wow people listen to a good Eminem song this is terribly low why doesnt anybody actually listen to a good number of Eminem songs before they vote on this messed up list?!?!

26. Rabbit Run
This song is right behind Lose Yourself. The Beat is awesome, the lyrics are legendary, as usual, and its very underrated. Eminem at his finest

25. Bad Guy
This song is by far the best on MMLP2, even above Headlights or any of his singles. This sequel to Stan is incredible. Amazing beat. Amazing lyrics. And the fourth verse is one of the best rap verses of all time, if not the best. This song deserves to be right below Lose Yourself in these standings!

24. Forgot About Dre
This song should enter in the top 10 defenetly...
Swap it for Love the way you lie or not afriad...
This song is one of the songs that gave eminem the fame he has!

23. Forgot About Dre
This song should enter in the top 10 defenetly...
Swap it for Love the way you lie or not afriad...
This song is one of the songs that gave eminem the fame he has!

22. I Need a Doctor
One of the few rap songs that actually conveys a good message--a song about a friendship. Eminems verses are heartwarming and Dres verse is just absolutely bad a**

21. Guilty Conscience
This is the best song ever! I love how Dr. Dre is like the angel conscience, and Slim is the devil conscience! Its great how they tried to outdo each other. Great!

20. Rock Bottom
Most underrated eminem song. The first time you hear it seems a little boring but after a bit its like.. Wow - awesomenessdefined

19. Berzerk
He brought Shady back with a mix of some Beastie Boys and 80s music, what more could you ask for?

18. Cleanin Out My Closet
Such a good meaning and its so deep... I dont like his new album as much as his old ones but I do like beautiful - LYmetal

17. Space Bound
In my opinion, better than Love the Way You Lie. Definitely shows that Em is still the king. I can relate to this song so much

16. No Love
One of the best Em verses ever. The complexity and speed... wow. He k**s Lil Wayne

15. Like Toy Soldiers
Best most meaningful song I have heard. Brilliant rapping and beats his new stuff by miles

14. My Name Is
Wow how is this not in the top 10!
Awesome lyrics thatll make you laugh and thatll get stuck in your head constantly one of his best deserves better then this ranking...

13. Love The Way You Lie
One of the BEST, the 3rd stanza just takes your emotions to a whole new level

12. Without Me
Lyrics are just amazing and music video is great. Its just cla**ic shady having fun!

11. The Way I Am
This is song is just so emotionally raw. This album is by far his best. Dont know why the singles from his new album are in top 10. This is pure Eminem at his greatest. No featured singers like Rhianna or Lil Wayne, to interrupt the power this song depicts

(. . . sigh . . .)

10. Rap God
6minutes of rapping and not just normal rapping. No, its Marshall Mathers. This is the best rap ever made in the history of rap. 7million views in 1 day on youtube, that is something. If we could all just vote for this song, that would be great. And he is not the king, he is the God

(. . . sigh . . .)

9. Beautiful
Awesome... The meaning is very good. Inspirational. Should be at least TOP 3... Eminem is yet the Best Rapper of the World

8. Mockingbird
Daddys Gonna Buy You a Mockingbird... Man Heard this song like awesome times.. Never gonna forget a single word of it... On My List.. Its number 1. Love You Eminem.. Always have, always will!

7. The Real Slim Shady
So good! It will demolish Not Afraid and Love The Way You Lie this is what Eminem is about not the pop you hear today!

6. Sing for the Moment
This song should be on #1
If youve ever read the lyrics then you know its true
Quote: Its all political, if my music is literal and Im a criminal
How the f*** can I raise a little girl?
The quality of the lyrics is just as good in the beginning as in the end
Its just a great artist and Im glad that hes still making good music

5. When Im Gone
How is love the way you lie before this?! Get real people where else could you hear rap like his?!

4. Till I Collapse
This song pumps me up so much! It eats Not Afraid alive! This song is one of the best pump up songs of all time (if not the best)

3. Not Afraid
Super cool songs... Always gives me inspiration when Im down!

2. Stan
Song tells a story, once again great lyrics from the greatest rapper ever. Its awesome how the beat compliments the narrative

1. Lose Yourself
Well written, Has a Message, great sample. Fantastic song

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