Draedaskimask - Sean Nelson 94

Song Rating: 8.35/10

Song lyrics:

I reinvent the universe then make an apple pie and cackle at the sky
Im not here; thats me alibi
I dont have to try its not whats said but the way its said
Its unfair, somewhere up there
A higher beings lookin down sayin sweg, such flare
I left me body and recorded this while it lay in bed
I break a leg and set the pace
Im in a better place I break into your house yelling lets be mates
Rare like Pokemon spaghetti shapes
I neck a White Ace and punch you in someone elses face
Its all good though hug me Im mad comfy

On a vintage 60s cover of Jazz Monthly
Hate work like Al Bundy so relax Sundee to Sundee (Sundee = Sunday)
And cant stop like this is bat country
Im the man trust me, Im the best at being humble
I chill while you snort beak and rumble
Wrestling addiction, pessimistic vision
A small incontestable inscription
Thats a positive note
I just wanna wear a wife beater, hog the remote
And catch glimpses of myself on the couch with a bevy and a belly
In the faint reflection of the telly

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 00:26