Double O - Wa**up Jo

Song Rating: 8.36/10

Song lyrics:

This is a revolution
Adjust your resolution
Or pay me my restitution
That would be your best solution
I spent years spent heart in the street
Trying make you n***as nod to the beat
Bump it in impalas and jeeps
New York, LA, to Chicago
Miami, Texas, Atlanta they all follow
Suburbia to projects and sleeping hollows
I got a peanut butterry flow, tough to swallow
Raps been dead these days we ok
Nocturnal I dont mean a skinny n***a with Dre
Give the game recitation with the words I say to you
Djs is prostitutes what you pay, they f** with you
f** corporate conglomerates and corporate politics
They stealing our soul, and I got to acknowledge it
And that aint just a n***a went to college sh**
For most its common knowledge sh**
The difference between buyers and sellers, thats some modest sh**


Yo I rock for the thugs rock for the hipsters
Rock for the backpack n***as holding their fists up
Spit it for them ignorant n***as sipping from pimp cups
Chicken heads with wonder bras holding their tits up
Jigs up, Naledge in the house tonight
And I got what it takes to make you feel alright
And the way I feel I could do this sh** all night
Double O spinning records while Im ripping the mic
Just look up in the sky

Its a bird its a plane
Kidz in the hall, learn the motherf**ing name
Streets celebrate it
Funky and creative
Yes we educated, sounds like the native
Smooth intellectual
Still freak a s**ual
Had a 9 to 5 but Im not really professional
Broads on my testicles
Eat mcs like vegetables
Im cute like romen if you want to get technical


Its a mans world
Im a mans man
Walk with lead feet when I travel the land
Heavy, make it hard for you to walk in my footsteps
Revolutionary up until I take my last breath
Loud as the hoods kept
Few speak to reach
Beyond they city streets
Barely reach the height requirements to ride on the beat
Probably why most of yall sound minor to me
I should collect permission slips when you rhyming to me
These koon raps pa** a tipping point we need to balance it
n***as speak with authority
Rarely do they challenge it
I pull strings on some Richie Valance sh**
80 % of rappers that sell aint really talented
How the Hell do you expect me not to be mad at it
How else am I supposed to flow
The rap game sorta like its full of Pinocchios

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 22:31