DNA (Battle Rapper) - Tay Roc vs DNA

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Song lyrics:

[Round 1: DNA]
DNA versus Tay Roc, I know a lot of yall aint wanna witness this
Since you said you wanted Calicoe
If Smack aint paid me these racks I wouldnt have did this sh**
My bro Charlie beat you twice, since they say Im his son
I could live with it
So this battles like Vine cuz the same thing gon get repeated by lil clips
Get the fifth, let this G know (Geno) if he dont Jet, he getting Vickd
The tre will make you pay, sir (Pacer) or the millll (Miller) spit
Get him, ks (MK) in the Daylyt, I bet youll chill a (Chilla) bit
Or just call my planet of the apes
That mean my Cs will (Ceasar) be on some Gorilla sh**
Tell Murda he still a b**h, cuz I aint even want Tay Tay
I was hoping that Mook get wild
Since he didnt, guess I gotta practice with Roc like a shoot around
Youll get smoked with the pipe, thats a hookah lounge
Then its (Dentist) to the tool like a root canal
You say you got hammers well you should use it now
Cuz the last time we seen a DOT reaching was the Proving Ground
What? Yall aint seen a Queens n***a
Murda Inc like this since Black Child?
How yall think this n***a Roc Raw, when all he do is bring Smack-down?
Heard you was snitching in Baltimore, telling n***as about crack vials
So for singing on the wire, Ima show you my mac wild (Mackwild)
Thats why I think URL smart, but Tay stupid
Cuz Smack put him behind bars, Frank Lucas
They amped you, ya whole tier/tear ga**ed, St. Louis
For yall raving (Raven) Ima make two ring, Ray Lewis
If I seem in a hoodie hell die, unless he got a mean vest
They aint gon see you on this card again (Cardigan)
Since you wanna be fresh
You owe me any shorts? Leave (Short sleeve)
Or get ya casket closed tight like T-Rex
Follow where that car goes (Cargos) and a pair will hit ya V next (V-necks)
I told you Roc, Im on some other sh**
After them first two battles with Charlie
Shouldve learned not to f** with Clips
See you & ya Wiz hopping out of that Rolls (Rose) well start running quick
Cuz boy I carry a Cannon thatll make a couple split
What yall thought? After Ill Will I couldnt check this dude?
They shouldve known it wasnt a game when I split Tech in two
(Tekken 2)
If ya Maryland n***as try to jump in, Ima E. Ness them too
But Ty wont try once I put Law in order like SVU
If he survive Im running in B-more right inside of the spot
Tay Tay going out like Omar whether he got on a wire or not
I tell my man keep ya eyes on the clock
So when I shoot at 8:59 all yall gon see is 9 on the Dot
What you thought? I was gon come and spit the same sh** that Clips said?
Jaz the Rapper hammer, that means its nothing but big heads
If I see you in that Cadillac, Ty better get low or ya clique dead
Ayo Charlie! Baltimore n***as always leave with their wig red
Thats why you got me tight right now, I wanna fight right now
Cuz I hate ya slogan and everything that has to do with light right now
Like if I see ya son in the crib, Ima shoot his brains
Leave that on the mantle
If I see Roc lampin around, Ima show him what this can do
For yall thinking this a match and he fire, that aint mad bright
Now if you think about them last words, then thats light
I mean you say ya wack slogan and then repeat bars
And yall get excited from it
Dont yall notice he says thats light so you could be blinding from it?
I mean Roc, thats an indication that you not ready
You keep giving us light bars to disguise that they not heavy
Its round 1 its getting hot in here, yall know my slogan
Hell no! Get his whip the f** outta here!
Get Smack, get everybody that was on my dick the f** outta here!
Get Rex, get Mook, get Shine, ya whole clique the f** outta here!
Since Charlie made it debatable, get Clips the f** outta here!

[Round 1: TAY ROC]
Smack called me, said I had you, I said wait a minute
Now I cant really describe the mood it put me in
Wait, Im in it, you gone be gone in 60 seconds
This gone take a minute
Give em a shot thats clear as hell, hell get a facial with it
n***a where you live? Dont make me visit
Ill pistol whip em
Hell have to relearn everything and be babysitted
Sawed-off pump, if you run I could chase you with it
If I got beef with blood hes marinating in it
Ill f** ya b**h and shell say who did it
Im a crack her if she hanging with you n***as, Im racial with it
Draw lead then erase you with it
You shouldve thought outside of the box
Now Ima place you in it
Aye you get it? You in my way, now you getting wrecked
Disrespect, s** my dick, f** you and the clique you rep
Red beam on ya lip, looking like a lit cherry on a cigarette
Ill clap him with a automatic sweeper; this my Swiffer Jet
Gun Bar King, dont claim that, thats not ya style
Roc is foul, Ill shoot up ya building and hope I shot a child
b**h on my strip you are not allowed
And this tone silent, he wont hear it ringing
Its like my pocket dial
Light bars, let me hear that this guys snitchin
Thats gon lead to you tied up watching ya b**h be my victim
Its like Im showing you how to cook a meal
Its kinda sickening
Cuz you gone sit and watch while I bat her then fry chicken
Not kidding, Roc trippin, I will let a Glock hit em
Man, the can come from under the shirt like Im shoplifting
I will kick in ya door with a stock lifting
Like “dont move”
Ill paralyze who ever I see walking, Im not crippin
Rex and K-Shine got with em
Ima do em like the last two Dots did him
But Roc aint bring a prop with em
This TECll aim, no Tetris game when ya block missin
Its Mardi Gras; thats all of yall with ya top missin
What make you think that theres something
That you can do with Mook?
Stop coming at the Dots you gon make me pull and shoot
Rounds off my waist; thats a hula-hoop
Headshot, have his wisdom coming out his mouth
Like I pulled ya tooth
When I first battled Clips, you wasnt nowhere in sight
I hope you brought ya punches, p**y Im prepared to fight
Smack told me to take Erics life
Now I gotta do Eric wrong
Im trying to send him to Eric Wright
Why you hating? This automatic will annihilate him
f** a drive-by, I walk up and leave the driver waiting
He get shot right in the middle of having conversation
My shooters come give the metal to who Im nominating
Roc aint playing
I dont f** with yall and I dont keep no secrets
I dug Charlie a grave, this one gone be the deepest
Bury you after him, Smack, this gone be the sweetest
They got double crossed and iced; thats two Jesus pieces
Light bars, now you see your opponent
Lebron James gone make me cramp in the heat of the moment
See thats where you made me mad
I will Paul George him
Put two 4s on him then break his leg in half
DNA youre trash, and thats all youre about to hear
Ill knock DNA out DNA with what I got in here
If I let off one round you know it will be hot in here
New York, whats his slogan?!
NO! Get them kicks the f** outta here
I already bodied the n***a who write for you
Get Clips the f** outta here
How dare you diss my n***a
Saying “get Smack the f** outta here”
If I was Smack I wouldve stepped back like “You aint getting paid ya other half shun, now get ya a** the f** outta here”

[Round 2: DNA]
That last round that he spit
I f** with it Roc, you had a lot of lyrics and sh**
I was trying to break you down and do some other things
But yall wanna hear that ignorant sh**
So and since Smacks ya man, I dont wanna air you out
But you just took up for a n***a
When I battled he aint even put a trailer out
This my 2nd round Tay, its time to see what ya life bout
Like when sh** get foul for Roc
Which one of ya n***as gon call that time out
But let me look in a snake eyes, f** rollin a dice out
Cuz lets see if you saying “thats light”
When you got a n***a thats punching ya lights out
They told me dont freestyle this battle
They told me keep it written please
Well tell this Joker Im the wrong one to face (Two Face)
Since tonight yall gon miss the frees (Mr. Freeze)
You know how they got A-Team and the mohawk on Mr. T?
Like if I call a team theyll bring out more hawks if they miss the T
Since he for beef, tell Smack set it up with Factz if you get the cheese
Cuz once I serve Tay with this Big Mac, Ima give Mickey these
(Mickey Ds)
Then drive through, put a soul in the air, thats perfect
Im gripping the Glock to put his chick in a box, thats CHURCHES
This biscuit on the side order help me get Roc fried
So when these POP-EYES Im k**in you and ya FIVE GUYS
If you think you the gun bar king and you stay strapped
Then where was ya gun when Mook got pistol whipped
And Rex got his chain snatched?
You know what, save that, he wont SHINE if this K clap
If you survive, Ill recap him like Jay Blac
You aint in my league, thatll get Tay slapped
For one you not King Of The Dots
So when I Flip Tops Im knocking off A Hat (AHAT)
How you from Baltimore but joined a Harlem group? Thats straight wack
So as for Roc, hes getting addressed (a dress) A$AP
You know A$AP Rocky wear the dress, you know what, save that
All you n***as saying I was bout to get 3-0d yall need to stop crying
Saying itd be biased cuz we battled in New York, n***a stop lying
Clips said whoever hate on you vers Tay, them n***as cock riding
I said nah, they just bringing a new definition of Roc climbing
I swear to god as my motherf**in witness
The moment you become top tier in battle rap, everything switches
Them same fans that used to love you and cheer
Now they boo and become critics
That sh** that they use to give constructive criticism, now its malicious
But heres the difference
See when DNA dont make sense its cuz I freestyled it
Thought of it this very minute
When you dont make sense
You went home, took time out, and it was written
For instance he said
“I should shoot Charlie in his Windgate with these macs b (Max B)”
Now let me get this sh** straight
Yall mean to tell me I cant clap machetes
But he can shoot n***as in their Windgate? What the f** is a Windgate!?
Im just asking ya
And how can you put CAL IN DA ER when AR ends with “Calendar?”
You said
“I should k** ya grandma, ma and whoever else shack (Shaq) up with you”
Thats like saying the Yankees second baseman was John Elway
Cuz n***a grandmamas not Shaquille ONeal, its L Jay
See you dont know basketball, thats the problem
Hit his windshield, the 6ll (Sixer) break the gla** like Darryl Dawkins
Itll look like the Knicks vers the Pacers when I grab the larkin
Cuz if you dont wanna see this 4 point play like Larry Johnson
Now Ima be honest, I dont got respect for yall
Cuz yall just be cheering for Roc and he dont make sense at all
You get blinded by the aggression and performance so yall get hyped too
You dont even finish the bar, and they be like “woo!”
Well if yall gon let this n***a slide then let me slide too
Cuz yall let him get away with Murda, but Ima find Mook
And when I do, my n***asll serve ya
You gon see these (CDs) trays if Im getting the burna
Im blacking out, hitting people even if it didnt concern ya

Its to the point where my man like you dont know where you are D (URD)
And I replied back in the middle of Murda
Tell that n***a we coulda done this before, but he was taking forever
Smack had all that bread, he wasnt saving no cheddar
You old n***as cant f** with us new n***as, what?
Im not making it clever
Yall want the proof? Reed (Proofread) made a mistake in this era/error
What time is it? Its 7 oclock?
Well they shoulda started this battle around 2
Cuz Im k**ing you early Roc and you supposed to be the k**er around too
Clips said he aint the n***a you can give a round to
I told that n***a only reason I aint k** you before, I aint get around to
Shot him at 1, cops aint find the body till around 2
And since ya hypeman round too, he gon get a round too
I even shot Rex and Mook around 2
Why? Cuz its two Dots around too
This that brim in ya face, thats that old Roc
Four burners by the kitchen, thats that stove top
Why give em long range? Heres that dome shot
Tay Roc had a good streak, this that road block!

[Round 2: TAY ROC]
Who the f** are you talking to, D? Somebody tell this kid
That he aint sonning Roc; the DNA negative
n***a play with me, you wont never live
Snub lose and a long nose, you cant even tell they relatives
Eric St. John want wreck with me
Alright now you going in the ER
I see St. John disrespecting me
Clips helped you write? Check it, D
Smack gone charge me for k**ing Charlie again
Thats double jeopardy
Dont call me complex or lyrical, Im straight forward
All the top tiers ducking me, now you gon pay for it
With them gun bars Im ill so n***as “wait for it”
He sleeping well before every funeral theres a wake for it
f** a personal n***a cuz I dont know about you
Bruce Leroy, I can show nothing glow about you
This broken bottle will poke inside you
You hospitalized in Queens
The docs taking pieces of Corona out you
Aint nothing (?) about you, you not stopping Tay
You trying to catch up, but you dont know how far Roc away
My last two bars will tell you that thats a Queens scheme
Your whole background phony; thats a green screen
If we scrap ya jaw getting wired, we will start up a riot
Itll come up from under the Big T, make all of em quiet
We all shoot, youll get caught in a fire
Thats two revolvers spinning next to each other
Like the washer and dryer
Im awfully tired and you next n***a to feel the wrath from me
You will get iced when I buck it, challenge me
The cave dont disrespect god, but they blast for me
Ironic, Ill make you a casualty on a casual T
Now I gotta dog you on the net
I dont do too much talking, Ill make a argument a d**h
We all shooting at best
Who street fighting? This gunll buck, just think Ryu and Ken uppercut; all you can get stretched
A lot of your battles got all us upset
Magic made you look dumb on camera
Thats The Carbonaro Effect
You might wanna come armed with a TEC
This one 8 will leave two Os without calling collect
What you gon hook on a Dot like a question mark?
Ill adjust the line
Like if you throw a right on the dot like you just in time
Professor Shine called the janitor, this mess is mine
Im walking with a dirty middle schooler; thats a messy 9
Light bars, youll get a hole in the front of your snap back
Get hit with some sh** I gotta pull out a backpack
You see where Smack at? Dont touch me
If you touch me you getting smacked back with a back smack
Right to where Smack at
I dont repeat myself, Im not a Yak back
Aye D, ok, see you aint never seen this type of K, D
What you cant hear? You so so deaf; thats JD
He must be smoking crystal, its clear you on that H, D
Now yall take the letter “D” and the word Nanny
Now picture this guy “D” being a Nanny
Hell probably make the kids cry but back to that D, Nanny
Ill lift that sh** high and k** D nanny
Spell it out, thats DNA in NY – GOD!
Damn yall know that this n***a dead
Three holes, you can go bowling with his head
Ima catch this n***a roaming out his crib
Im on his roof with a rifle, thats how I see em over with a cig
If I dont got a n***a running from me, he running for me
You running to me, you gon see this and get to running on me
You a s**a shorty and you aint got nothing for me
Another New York n***a whos buildups is 100 stories

[Round 3: DNA]
That mightve been the most amazing sh** I done heard
You could take D nanny and that means D in NY and yall like that?
It figures, I think yall should stop screaming
Cuz it just makes sense what Rocs doing, its another Dot reaching
Why yall gon get hype for them lines like he doing well?
I guess yall wanna hear gun bars instead of that intelligent sh** on URL
Well should I load the sporta? Well that dont make sense
How bout I shoot a shell
Let a bullet rain here and leave em red here/hair like Nunu Nellz
But you gon get this movie live and direct, its 3D
I made Prez die, I k**ed that PG for GP
You and ya n***as gon need Obama Care ‘fore I squeeze 3
Cuz they could run, but Roc gon be the first n***a that D, see (DC)
Think please…
And when I catch em he better do 95 on that highway
Dont stop or slow down or we gon end this my way
See you hopping out the whip, Ima let that 9 spray
Give this star bucks (Starbucks) when I hit the caf (calf)
Theyll find you in a lot, Tay (Latte)
But Smack said you Top 5, that was on BET
n***a thats a lie, I said you from the DMV
You said bullets shoot over the car like Blake Griffin, thats too easy b
When I just get the clip a (Clipper) point like CP3
Yall remember that third round vers K-Shine?
Where he broke DNA down and taught me a lesson quick
You know the lab coat, the science goggles, he perfected it
My Beloved Loaded Lux said
“Dying is a sure thing and youre the d**h in it (definite)”
So I wanna play a game called who stole a n***as style
And guess who the contestant is
You can go to jail for all the Tsuing you do, we dont respect the sh**
You guilty for sounding like Surf in a sense, you cant object it b**h
You cant complain if (plaintiff)
You dont got a case and you cant defend it, sh**
You tried to hide it but we caught you and heres the evidence
When we first started hearing you Roc, we was loving all of ya verses
Then you starting doing hand gestures and sound effects
Im like: “whats the purpose?”
Whats worse is, you took another n***as style and didnt even birth it
If yall pay attention, this whole time he been doing nothing but Surf sh**
Vers Con, Surf said “U R in the middle of the *CH-CH* like Church is”
Vers Clips you said, “*CH* that AR LIE” oh you reversed it
Whats next? You gon say URN and NASH on some Surf sh**?
Spit a gun bar, when the crowd go crazy put ya hand on Surfs hip?
Yall both two dimensional, if you follow geography then thats perfect
Cuz the earth is a two dimensional surface
And now that that surfaced thatll explain how you been riding Surfs dick
Cuz you just putting the ground work to get on the same level that Surf is
What yall tight? Cuz ya views struggle and all his got a million?
Yall n***as booing me, I guess Im losing from the words
I guess I should start spitting nouns cuz yall wanna boo me for the verbs
I dont wanna have to spaz out or get the toy quick
If this was a few years ago and yall was booing me like this
I probably wouldve walked off on some Detroit sh**
But Ima stand here, take the boo, cuz yall n***as wanna hype Roc
I mean damn, these n***as wanna act like you Shine, Roc
I guess you think since you battled Clips and had a good battle
Its ya time Roc
But since you Crip, Ima k** 6 seconds, thats Vine, Roc
You dont even gotta let me finish
Cuz no matter what I do in battle rap, still n***as lying
Beat two PGs, yall hate it, and still n***as trying
I dont wanna hear the gun bar king spit these steel gripping lines
So and him can get Smacked cuz Im on real n***a time, time

[Round 3: TAY ROC]
Im from the block era when it was not fair
Been doing this before you goofy GrindTime n***as got here
Im 12 URLs in with no chokes so I do not care
About battling for other leagues or being top tier
f** you, K-Shine k**ed you dressed like a CNA
My bro Rex talked about ya mother, he aint even play
DNA when I lick a shot it aint E&J
You got the gun bar king
Now what would you like to drink today?
A shot to k** ya? Thats 1800 on his top
But my shooter will do it for 1738 on the spot
I could take him to the roof and get drunk, click, pop
You gon get this tip, see then hung over and dropped
But your man Conceited
Watch your mouth before I step on Con
That n***as bout 4 foot nothing; hes a leprechaun
Putting me in ya bottom 5, you toddler size
I will yoke you up from the collar, make you apologize
I am pure violence, I dont decide peace
Pimp sh**, I came with my main b**h and my side piece
I aim it at that side, you can tell that whole side piece
I done hit so many n***as with the side piece
That I lost the side piece
If I drop shoot up Visine
Hold up, all the fans looking confused
Until they peep my scheme
Now me and you can shoot the fair one, but you seen my team
Meaning if I drop theyll shoot up any V I seen
Sheesh, Im mean, is he a problem? Not at all Smack
Everyone takings shots but I send em flying all back
But that tooth thats in ya mouth, I aint got time for all that
Ill put a loose one in ya mouth, like you aint buy a whole pack
Facts, you look like a snitch, I know the deal
You the reason theres a million n***as locked up right now
And I know its real
You can ask every k**er thats ever been inside that holding cell
They all gon say the same sh**, DNA is the reason you go to jail
But back to these gun bars that I prepared for real
Big round will sit you in the air like a Ferris wheel
We can be inside of the club, all that staring will
Get you hit upside your head with the club
That locks the steering wheel
Youll f** around and have to pick up your tooth
This four fuego like a tornado lift up his roof
My n***as will shoot, youll get Raheemd if I give em the cue
Theyll ditch the Steel in the alley like Bishop in Juice
sh** Im the truth, and you about as street as the driveway
DNA means evidence around my way
And if theres any evidence that DNA is around my way
Itll be evident how they find DNA around my way
Listen, if I was to think how you rap like, you rap white
I think Grind Time sent you to URL to turn Smack White
Tomorrow you gon be thinking bout last night
What makes yall think I couldnt see DNA when black light
I said sonny, listen, do what you may, whether you got me
What you think you gon get Roc, man? Not me
I catch em on Lenox, hell lose his ear if he box me
Afraid youre gonna lose your life, shaking in that alley
Golly! Hold up, I know these n***as playing
They gon say I lost to Clips so Im battling his little man
Well, just look at it my way on the other hand
I just k**ed Clips and I came back for the other man
You gone beat me? Still n***as lying
Tell me like I tell the others, I dont feel n***as rhymes
Who he fooling with them steel gripping lines
Tell him f**ing with me you get smacked
We on real n***a time

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