Djiby - The Vices

Song Rating: 7.54/10

Song lyrics:

Galsene represent 221
LJ turn me up
Turn me up yeah

(Verse 1)
Im all about the cash galsene represent boy
No diamonds on my wrist, but this game is in my hands boy
Matter of fact who talking about a rap game? n***a I aint playing
Swag intact we aint swerving on the same lane n***a Im just saying
That Im finna spread my name yeah, all around the world
I didnt mean to spread her legs, oh yeah thats your girl
One J and a drink at the same damn time
Wordplay and a punch in the same damn line ha
I be looking for a cla**y girl
Diamonds and them gucci pearls
Matching with her booty curves thatll get a n***a sidelined
And I aint talking Cole World
But these the guidelines to a fantasy world, heaven on earth
Cash stacks and a girl with rack yeah? Thats the recipe
Snapbacks and them shoes that match yeah? Thats the swag in me
n***as aint going in cause I am outstanding
This club aint let no s**as in, they are out standing
Im tired of haters coming to me trynna chit-chat
Have a break n***a take this, thats a Kit-Kat
Majestic on the beat, dramatic with the words
Galsene we bring that heat, 221 cash rules the world

All about the cash
Im all about the cash
Drank in my gla** x3
All about the cash
Im all about the cash
(All about the cash huh?
Galsene wattup?
Lemme go back in make the picture clearer)

(Verse 2)
My swagga geek chic cla**y you can sneak peek

All thats missing is a freak probably watcha b**h be
Need a girl who can ride baby let us switch seats
Put on D or you can park s**ing backseat
Sexing out in pubic, f** morality
Lights on while we f**ing, thats audacity
I k** that kitty kat, now thats a causality
She give me head, insanity
I dont know if Im wrong but my aura tells me you bout to fall in a coma
Let me get you in the zone sip slow ma if you life need spice Im aroma
Let me turn you around like karma
Delay like lama
Got you high?
Now you exploring for dora
Gotcha calling for mama
Ironic you call me daddy
I call it the naked the truth
So why you still in your panties?
Take it off
Imma break it off
Its just me and you
 till the break of dawn
Hotter than degree n***a, Im talking masters
You cant understand the picture? Them hidden captions
We pa**ing on that 69, we s** in fractions
In this moment you the present, them b**hes past tense
Red light on but Im ready to go
Smoking on green so Im acting so slow
Get so high but Im ready to land
First one to call me lance armstrong
Face down a** up
Yeah shawty fine, she racked up
s** Montana dick b**h dont spit on my tit
All about the cash
Im all about the cash
Drank in my gla** (x3)
All about the cash
Im all about the cash

Shout out to MJ Drama Trackofficialz
Holding it down
Galsene till the d**h of me (x3)gdk shourt out to Montana

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