David Novak - 138

Song Rating: 7.78/10

Song lyrics:

So I and thou, it could be me and you,
Kiddo, but that was once, and might have been,
But this is now, and I forever true
Could not have been, in light of what Iยนve seen.
For I have seen, abjectly, the reversal
Of every thought I thought I ever had,
My empty bag now scattered for dispersal,

Its contents mostly good when they are bad.
So furthermore, on thee I lavish praise
To mock myself, that is cheap counterfeit
Of thee, derived from thee, whom I always
Do plunder for my thoughts unlettered writ.
So, so it goes. Thou reader, stand unfazed:
For if you saw her face, youd be amazed.

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 00:57