Danny Brown - Thizzles

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Song lyrics:

- Man, I dont give a f** about all that, I just wanna make sure these beats are locked down. Hey, hold on one second, heres Tech right here, man. Whats up homeboy, what you need?
- Th-th-th-th-thizzles!
- How many?
- Th-th-th-th-thizzles!
- What is that, like five?
- Yahtzee!
- Alright, cmon through
- Cool

[Intro: Tech N9ne]
Only ye who is on the molly shall dig this little diddy here
And if ye shall want that molly, then ye shall have it!

[Hook: Tech N9ne]
When Im in the house everybody in the place know I got that
Ladies in the back, on my lap, Imma tap when they pop that
I was on that molly when I copped that, but I never dropped that
Hey, hey (I got thizzles)

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
T-H-I-Z-Z-L-E-S, in my belly, yes
We stay high, we be helly Xd, so dont be jelly, just
Get up in the midst of the party, got a fistful of molly and a b**h with a body
I think I wanna grab another chick from a hottie
Make her licked on my lollipop, I hits when Im naughty
Hit em both then Im scapin later
Never limited, dig it, Im makin paper
Penny pickin, was sick, I was hatin fakers
Who played the great A, but they cant bust
I was-a-poppin, the panties was droppin
I never stopped even when granny was knockin
Super shockin when the be canopy top
Its off from all the rockin, insanity f**in
That I does, my high buzz
The type of sky shove I love, I was

(Poppin Molly Ringwald while, eatin Stacy Green raw)
(Everbody and things saw, motherf**in fiend, yall)


[Verse 2: Danny Brown]
M-D-M-to-the-A, on that plate, got me hella straight
We just took some dips, we just met, but we gon f** today
So pop that p**y for a goon and I got four hoes in my hotel room
Got a zip of that Marley and a fill of that Henny and a gram of that molly we about to go boom
b**h its Tech Nina and your boy Danny Brown
Hand-me-down clothes on me hand-me-down hoes
They be hoes on the dick doing fingers made of gold with a ruby on her head and a diamond on my nuts
Cumming on her butt for a pill with a slut
Playin with the p**y now Im tryin to go f**
So ho stop playin gon let a n***a cut
Like a homeboy screamin ridin on the west side
Gon s** a n***a dick or something
Gon let a n***a hit or something
We rollin, rollin on the moon rocks we controlling, trolling
Up against the wall, all these b**hes on my balls
Off that Molly Ringwald
Off that molly, brainwashed


[Verse 3: Tech N9ne]
Orange juice, morn boost
Born goof, scorn roots
Worn youths, let my horns loose
p**n groups with the E we raise the darn roof
Got it really hot in here
Imma knock this beer, Imma pop this year
Bet you think Imma gonna stick and rock this rear
But big booty b**h, I love you, but Im not sincere
Said you never popped before, I cant tell how
Cause youre freaky, you take it, youre going to hell now!
That I does, my high buzz
The type of sky shove I love
I was

[Pre-hook & Hook]

Time to get your molly on! (x4)

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