Dan Bull - Sharing Is Caring (Twitter Version)

Song Rating: 7.79/10

Song lyrics:

600 million people like me like this
Are you taking the piss, or is there something Ive missed?
600 million people like me like this
Are you taking the piss?

[Verse 1]
I check out my Twitter feed occasionally
And the sh** I sees basically make believe
Peeps claim its the place to be
But that amazes me, because it tastes of wee
All the food for thought heres the sort to damage you
If it was a restaurant, Id talk to the manager
Quick, Twitpic, you should have brought your camera
Now breaking a storys a sport for amateurs
And if its a case of the more the merrier
How witty can you be in 140 characters?
In the days of broadband, I really would have thought that you could have more than that
Dan, give up the ridiculous voice because youre missing the point
And youre a twat!
Fair enough, thats freedom of speech
But I wouldnt have thought that from reading your tweets
Cause each of them seems to be equally meaningless sequences of ceaseless frequency
So could you please have the decency to give your private life a tiny bit of secrecy?


[Verse 2]
Once upon a time I was fond of Dom Joly

Before I saw him come across as a dumb wally
He cant cope with the folks that provoke him
And so now Doms gone off his damn trolley
And thats the folly of the modern celebrity
Act like a twat and everybody sees
I try to be nice but my minds in a cycle
Of retweets, e-heaps of sh**e to recycle
But aside from the gripes its a quite good site
Though a far flight from the times of the typewriter
Typing lol looks like a TIE Fighter
Can acquire more followers than the Pied Piper
My favorite pastime is pasting the @ sign
Before peoples names and then making up crap rhymes
Aw, thats nice
Nah, Im just another gasbag with a hashtagged gag in the tagline
You might be thinking Dan leave, I try
But I keep coming back like Stephen Fry
For a sneak peek into Mr. Biebers life
From the feedback youd see that hes the Messiah
But if Jesus Christ preached gospel on Twitter
I believe that the Bibled be a lot thicker
Even the scribes couldnt even describe
With e-readers, they need to jot quicker
What literary miscellany is there if theres any
We can literally lift from the litany of lists
That are littered ten a penny through the interwebby?
Its a very, very, very, very, little bit sh**, innit?


Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 07:54