Clams Casino - Im The Devil

Song Rating: 7.37/10

Song lyrics:

Welcome to Hell
Im the Devil
Ive taken over Lil Bs soul

[Verse 1]
Imma bring the pain to you
This is not a game but its...
Something different when you rising with elegance
Theres fire in my eyes and d**h is on my breath
I cook in Hells kitchen, so you should watch your step
Im burning every day, my soul, theres nothing left
Everything I say is contrary to belief
And saying something deep, my speech is rap poison
I choose fake cause I can never stop the bad voices
Yes I made choices
Id rather take the easy route
That ended up with me k**ing myself
Im reincarnated with the based in me gods
I took Bs soul, his family was surprised
I looked them in his eyes, I can see through disguise
I took him down to Hell, he was wearing suit and tie
He begged for his life, but his life is mine now
Im Satan, I make deals and d**h wishes
I hate Based God, want to put him on the guestlist
Give him first cla** trip to underworld, ghost town
Black stab city, you can see when no ones around
Really want to keep you blind, watch you sleep underground

No more rap songs and no based freestyles
I really cant breathe cause Im turning to a beast now
Momma said if I want to be the best its hard work
I chose to live reckless... And now Im under dirt
But its Hell on Earth with these presidents and new bombs
War every day, Wall Street scams, our jam
Everyone so they can feel my pain cause I f**ed up
Have you ever messed up to the point... Now you f**ed up
Lost your own life to yourself, cant believe this
Devil took my soul, I dont believe I couldnt see this
Everybody think cause you alive you couldnt be this
Im waiting for a soul and Ill see if I can seize it
Pray to the mob boss, pray to the X-Men
Ill see you in hell if youre living with regrets, man
Best words to you, you should learn from the best men
Dont follow the next man, Im looking for some best friends
Dont nobody care if youre doing what you love, if
You doing what you love, then
Stay away from us...
Stay away from happiness cause loneliness is here
You roaming with the Based God Im bound to interfere
Im the Devil

Welcome to Hell...
Hell on Earth
(Welcome to Hell forever)
Im taking over
The Devil

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 10:34