Carsten Schrauff - After the K.M. Tapes

Song Rating: 9.43/10

Song lyrics:

So its all captured on your four-track
I can still recall all the fun we had
And if youre bored the way I am
Why dont we simply have for something else
With all those tragic efforts towards wealthy life

We could be both part of a concept
Regardless to our bourgeois origin
You didnt hesitate or fall back
All of a sudden I was 34

Trapped in the state I feared ever since
And its still getting worse every winter since K.M. tapes

And you speak in your sleep and you cut back, repeal
Let them all come at once
Let them all come at once
Too much

Where blind eyes cant see
Where blind eyes cant see

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 13:16