CapDrive Montana - Extortion (Kushy Kris Diss)

Song Rating: 8.34/10

Song lyrics:

My ex asked me how Im living?
sh** I replied rich
She said she had a dream about me
Im guessing about this dick
Two red bones and just me, thats a banana split
Feen said he love that white candy
Cooked it off the split
Choppa with the scope, monkey nuts
b**h aint got no kick
I just bought a damn quarter brick
I aint got time to kick it
Shooting down cap doing a 100
I might catch a ticket
Sike Montana pulling over that sh** sound ridiculous
We gon start that sh** by saying f** Kris
How you screming fred gang and you try to rob em b**h
b**h you said I ran in your house
sh** you a sweet lick
So real ran in your sh** too and took you mac b**h
You and your baby momma, yall got crates on the mattress
Plus your b**h ugly
Mines look like a Kardashian
Beefing with Montana, boy you better have a master plan
I wake up in the jungle b**h, they call me Tarzan
Screaming out bandz, you in a two bedroom apartment
You need to buy your baby a crib, while you barking
The way she push it out that b**h gon sleep upon the carpet
Did he just called his baby a b**h?
Yeah Im retarded
Im finna end some sh** your a** wish you never started
Aye what about them sneak disses?
sh** what about em?
(Man get back on Kushy a**)
Alright I got em, Aye
Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye
b**h and you bought that Rollie on a payment plan
It took your a** four weeks, just to pay 3 bandz
Not to mention that it is used off the next mans hand
Montana frying sh**
Just like a kitchen pan
Imma always be on top like what
A ceiling fan
When you see me watch out

Buss quick like a mini man
Young n***a fly as f**
The hoes, they call me Peter Pan
When you see me, call me heart broke
Cuz Imma use these hands
Bobby Joe is finna f** your b**h up in a mini van
Be quiet before I have Shhh come take them Yeez again
Would say his name but you gon call the police again
Yeah I know who did it
Montana best friend
Come to your wedding, k** you and your best man
Heard you bought a vest, then Im shooting at your neck then
Catch you leaving [?] and take your mother f**ing necklace
Choppa like the sun, pull up watch how I melt sh**
b**h, I got my paperwork, I aint tell sh**
You called my momma on three way with the detective
Like Hi, is the ebony?
I need your help quick
Montana ran up in my house
He took all my sh**
CAP cop a lot of pistols
Yeah we shoot sh**
CAP, cause a lot of problems
Yeah we ruthless
CAP, cash aint a problem
Yeah we ball b**h
In my kitchen all this damn boy
This a dog pitt
And these mother f**ers fighting
Aye call Mike Vic
Im the referee and it coach the way I call sh**
Aye I like to shoot n***as, I dont fight b**h
Have you in the hospital
Fighting for your life b**h
I know everything you gon do
Im a psychic
n***a you was born a man
But you gon die a b**h
Catch your b**h
Leave her picking [?]
Imma drop her sh**
If I go blind? if I see you?
We still on site b**h

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 22:33