Bravvv - SKRT.

Song Rating: 9.72/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: L]
Not tryna be a fake, not tryna get in fates
Just gotta hit the ba** hard imma get it
Lean with it, I dont give a sh**
Im just tryna hit it, nah Im just playing with yall
Cause I ball - I fall
A2 kids tryna be hard foolish
We just make music
Chill good times, spend time sublime, its too good to be true
You cant get in here with me because your girl is here with me
You thot you thot you thought you could f** with MB
But we dont care, we just eating pears
Bumpin Kendrick, thinkin bout the goats
Boy you lookin scared, think you seen ghost
Answer my roast boy, bumpin down the Rolls Royce
And you think that you is it
But I dont give a sh**
Personally? I dont live it click
Just cause we fire, dont mean we tired
Stayin on the grind
Schooled by the pool
You know how it goes in here
Cause no way MB froze in here
Bout to explode - minus some bow
MB boys getting whipped
Its cool cause we got whips
You think that you can come at us
You cant bro
Hard to hit hard when the other dudes like Rambo
Dont really care what yall think
We just messin around
Finessin around
From your clique cause yall cant hit us
We ambitious, its too late for yall to get us

[Break: L]
Theres too many cars
Too many bars
Too many hoes
Too many flows

Too many shows
Too many bros
Too many to correct fate
Wait for Bravvv to hit this sh** cause its been too long a wait

[Verse 2: Bravvv]
I been away for a minute, now Im back in action
I be shopping I been making stacks and balling out no PacSun
And I came through with the pack, son
I heard you making a track, son
But your sh** so f**in wack, son
We always end up on top of you like a fraction
We always chillin at the top of mansions, we asking, we tandem
We makin beats like we - tryna get a Grammy, tryna get a Grammy
3 2 1 and I make ya a** panic
Tryna get a Bentley, Ann Arbor to Miami
734 and we turnin up manic
$100,000 in the back of the car
$200,000 thats the cost of the car
Mitten Boyz we are fire and we set the f**in bar
Bar bar bars - Im sellin all these cars
Car car cars - Im whippin all these cars
Bar bar bars - we set the f**in bar
Car car cars - all we whip is foreign cars

[Verse 3: C]
Cares away, like Im Caraway
Youre just so cliche
Walk right through the doorway of my chalet, step like ballet
Yeah we French, like we kissing
Stop your snitching, get in the kitchen, do your dishes
5 4 3 2 1 2 3 4 monsieur youre so sad
Whats that? Bourcose and beer, Boyar-Dior
Live your life like hype
Mm, thats right
(ooh, okay, okay, okay)

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 16:40