Brack - 2 AM

Song Rating: 7.55/10

Song lyrics:

Up early morning call that 2 am grinding/
2 am grinding 2 am grinding/
Up early morning call tht 2 am grinding/
Workin early mornin, 2 am grindin/

Up all damn mornin
Ballin hard like jordan
Grindin 24/7
For a pair of new jordans
Haitin a** unimportant
Cant hear them like horton
Shout out my bro A
System got him deported
Just kidin im jokin
Money is my focus
Magic hocus pocus
We the fresh kids we the dopest
One wish i hope this
Radio could blow this
Lemme break things down

Racklis not brokless


Double m rappers pick 2
Iced out iglue
Ill kicks sick shoes
You and me is different dudes
Different day different news
Whip collection pick and choose
Step to me instant loose
Check mate of my instat move
I raise the bar like the monkey bars
All i spit is funky bars
All yo crew got junky bars
Bounce hydrolics, bumpy cars
Go to school to learn up
Drop out to turn up
If you turnt down youll get burnt up
B rack to turnt up


Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 15:01