Boi-1da - Jewish (Snippet)

Song Rating: 9.80/10

Song lyrics:

b**hes on my dick cause I look like 40
Sorry fame make me so horny
My name make me so horny (Jewish)
Same b**hes so boring
I just want the top that does not make for a shorty
Wow, she was running with [?] now she running with matt (Jewish)
Add up the dimes Im f**in with then its a 110 (Jewish)
Half of you gingers like damn this ginger just done it again
She love giving top she do that with a grin
So we do it again (Jewish)
Wow, hold the phone I gotta call you back (Jewish)
White girl big bum came through and she all in my lap
She down to f** you know Im strap

Got a tat on her neck, Got a tat on her back (clap, clap, clap)
Work, Larry Dais (Jewish)
Sammy Dais (Jewish)
Damn he made you (Jewish)
We should plan vacation (Jewish)
Wait, f** Im going all my homies on probation (Jewish)
VMA, Weezy, Mack, Nicki, Drake (and wow)
Call me OV OBrien (Jewish)
Who that OV OBrien (Jewish)
Wow, I know you gon like it (Jewish)
Kick it with my homies and you know that we buyin (Jewish)
Roll it then we light it (Jewish)
Bull ridin and Im higher than a kite is (Jewish)
No we flyin like a kite bi (Jewish)

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 12:41