Beanie Sigel - OOOOUUU Remix (The Game Diss)

Song Rating: 8.60/10

Song lyrics:

[Intro: Takbar]
You’s a b**h a** n***a, n***a
Never did nothing in your f**ing life
What’s your resume, you’s a male stripper n***a
None of the real n***as in Cali f** with you n***a
You know I’m plugged and you know who this is talking p**y
You always showed me the utmost respect n***a
You’s a b**h n***a
Never did nothing in your life how dare you play with n***as like us
What the f** is your resume?

[Verse 1: Omelly]
Its Osama Twin Llamas and I’ma f** around
Why you worried about Meek? Sit your gay a** down
Actin’ like you that n***a when you a f**in’ clown
You wanna rumble? I got the 30 on me right now
Swing a punch, bop, bop, you goin’ right down
Barkin’ up the wrong tree, it’s time to bite now
Ain’t no more coppin’ pleas, it’s on sight now
Trigger finger itchin’, f** the wait, strike now

[Break: Omelly]
n***a, you was a stripper, n***a
You copped a plea in every beef you been in n***a
You can’t be f**in’ serious
You bumped your f**in’ head, you joke
n***a you’s a fu-, I can’t believe this n***a, man
That’ll push up like this

[Verse 2: Omelly]
Murder, murder, murder that be the case
Man this n***a outta pocket, man he softer than Drake
Drum on my lap, I’m strapped when I hop out the Wraith
Swing a punch on cuz, I knock a chunk out your face
Had a gla** pot Pyrex, cookin’ the flour
You had a thong up you a**, male hooker for dollars
I got enough clips, b**h, we can shoot up for hours
Get it jumpin’, hit the switch like a ’64 Impala
Clip fully auto whole strip’ll get showered

[Break: Beanie Sigel, (Omelly) & Meek Mill]
One phone call I’m in LA in three hours
The bully, please don’t bring me out of retirement
Aye Mac chill let me do my thing I got him
Ooouuu, ooouuu
(You was a stripper)
Philly sh**
(n***a you trippin’
You was a stripper)
B Mac in the building, Omelly in the building
Deuce in the building
DC in the building, Yay in the building

[Verse 3: Meek Mill]
I can never lose, chess or checkers make a move
Drippin’ in them j**els like I just got out the pool
Skinny n***a sittin’ on that money like the juice
Only time we make it to the TV if it’s the news
We was tryna make it out them trenches, you dig?
Young n***as trappin’ out them benches, you dig?
You gon’ be a felon or a witness, your dig?
All this money, murderin’ is senseless, it is
f** ’em and tell ’em if I ain’t gon’ feed ’em
All this money I’m gettin’, prolly ain’t gon’ need ’em
n***as said that we beefin’, prolly ain’t gon’ see ’em

I’m just pushin’ them buttons on ’em and they gon’ leave him
Durk checked you (what else?), Thug sonned you (what else?)
Fif dropped you (what else?), Mac warned you (what else?)
Strippers turned rappers look what we come to
You a faggot, my lady’ll never f** you
G-A-M-E, please don’t tempt me
Four pound with the lemon squeeze like simply
Ridin’ dirty sippin’ on that eight like Pimp C
Land at the clear port, truck my Bentley
Comin’ down Sunset, I’m not done yet
I’ve been to Bompton, you don’t run that
Shout out to YG, where my bloods at?
Call my eses, where them guns at?
I’m with them 40 n***as, I’m never with 40 n***as
Promo your album they got you making up stories, n***a
Stripper to rapper, rapper to stripper you corny, n***a
A s**a

[Break: Meek Mill]
That’s what you do to sell you album
You only gon’ sell like 15 thousand the first week
I put a mil’ on it
DC4 on the way
He, y’all n***as is crazy talk to the D’s I got lawyer money

[Verse 4: Meek Mill]
You was signed to a rat, you a mouse n***a
I’m sittin’ on that money like a couch, n***a
Make me crumble you cookie, you Girl Scout n***a
Make me move to Calaba**as, buy a house, n***a
Calaba**as, mac 10 the masks
Waiting on that red Bentley just to fly past us
Hollow tips ripple through the window, shatter gla**es
Mac just landed at the port he want some action
Catch you at the drive-through, hit ’em and wax ’em
Desert eagle Sigel hit your body, slide you backwards
Make a n***a moonwalk, talkin’ Michael Jackson
I don’t let my goons talk, they be only clappin’
Menace to society got guns by varieties
Teardrops on your face, you ain’t got no bodies
Son you lie you Ray Ray, n***a you ain’t Bobby
Treat you like you Day Day, D-boy on a Friday, p**y
Somebody touch me then somebody die
Beat the body, throw a party like its Mardi Grais
I’m from Philly, n***a, all we know is homicide
Throwing millis tryna make a n***a momma cry
Brace yourself double barrel pipe
Do him like Caine’s cousin Harold at the light
Weigh like 170, n***a, I don’t fight
Do it with the guns or we can do it with the knife
Do this sh** for fun, we could do this sh** tonight
Cause we was never cool, n***a, you was just ‘aight
New Jack City me and Chino on the bike
I’m sittin’ back with the uzi that’s your life
I’m gone

[Outro: Takbar]
This ain’t about East or West neither n***a
Its about n***as and b**hes, power and money
Riders and punks
n***a you been a b**h n***a
You don’t do nothing that we do n***a
You don’t get down like we do
We applying pressure on you b**h a** n***a
You know what I’m saying
n***as already know man Tak, Barcelini a [?]

Date of text publication: 20.05.2021 at 17:14