AV - 504 To Yo City ft 12Guage

Song Rating: 7.75/10

Song lyrics:

[Intro: Soulja Slim (New Orleans Exposed Sample)]
Man f** allat if a n***a lived pa** 94 was off the porch he a gangsta!
f** allat!

[Verse 1: 12Guage]
f** you n***a, Im coming through with pistols that I
Got from a n***a that I got for you. I got 25 guns on my
Motherf**ing shelf, I got 3 n***as riding with me coming out the Melf!
I got k**ers on my team, yo n***a sh** seem like a motherf**ing scheme
f** it grab a triple beam. Its bout time to wake up from dope, and issue it
n***as talking sh** we got to push the sh** and we making it!

[Verse 2: AV]
I brought the 504 to yo city baby! I know you love it!
With them 501s and them GNikes on swag on a hunnit
Im New Orleans stunna grew up under Cash Money YaHeardMe
Born in 94, youngin YaHeardMe!

She yellin these hoes, bet not f** with my Juve!
Then she bend it over bust it open like a uzi!
Big fine woman wont ya back that a** up!
Cla** in the morning tryna stack them racks up!

Heard yo city got them jackers, cant nobody jack us!
We know its a cold world & keep heat in our jackets!
Got beef then break fast or we have ya for breakfast!
And ya mama leave the crib everyday in a black dress!

Its crucial in my city, the heart is under attack!
Only type of arrest we accept is Cardiac!
You can die for your two cents these n***as k** yall for less!
Brought the 504 to Texas tried to send them n***as back

But f** it, now they love us & we the face of the public!
This remind me of when Juvenile was on top of the Hummer!
Been working so hard on the tape f** I missed the whole summer!
Might bring in some girls from the city, and thats word to Stunna!

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 17:02