ATH135T - GhostKidEra

Song Rating: 7.40/10

Song lyrics:

Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na
I used to be nobody now Im someone
Now Im someone

[Verse 1]
Ghosts are dead X is alive
X marks the spot I take it right
Only time any time when I take this alright
You know theres some sh** that I cant take it alright
I used to be a failure now Im a success
Thats the only time I was a success
But now I dont think anybody listens to me
Blaces I dont know why they be getting me
All these nightmares are catching up to me
Only time when I tell it for the blasphomy
Uh They trying to put me on the spot

But I said no I dont know I can still make it pop
I can still make it drop why you treating me like this
I dont know why am I acting excited
Whos the greatest ever oh I did
They write this they saying oh he dead
They said my mixtape flopped I dont believe them
Only time somthing I know I can precieve it
Yeah yeah you only kind of believe it
The only time when I could feel it
Yeah I can feel it wheres time
Shoutout to everybody whos over reality
But I aint like that yet
But Im a try Im a try
And I wont stop until I triumph until I triumph

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

What Am I doing (x6)

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