Antonio Carlos Jobim - Two Kites

Song Rating: 8.27/10

Song lyrics:

And by the way have you forgotten to say
Where you live, whats your name, what you do
In case youre free
We can go you and me to the zoo
And may I ask you what you to do with your days,
With your nights, with your time, with your life
Suppose I dare to ask what are you doing tonight
If youre free I can lend you these wings for a flight

Havent we met?
I cant remember but yet I could swear I have seen you
But if youre scared of my boat
I can take you ashore
Or would you rather catch the wind
That blows steady and pulls to the high open sea
You are the force that irresistible might
That creates in me the power of flight
Were kites in the sky
We can fly, we can fly
We can fly, we can fly

I get a flash of your thigh like a spy in the sky
I see thy heavenly thighs in the skies, in the skies
There where the sea meets the sky
You and me, you and I

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 14:01