AJ - FNaF The Musical: Sister Location

Song Rating: 7.29/10

Song lyrics:

Trapped beneath the groud
Locked away where we wont be found
Know one knows were here
But the day draws near!

I will leave this place
All the fears i faced!
If i could go free, would they
Come re- capture me?

And i

And i
Wont forgive the pain or forget the years
Full of blood and tears

No more shocks and burns
No more tests, no more lessons learned!
Here we draw the line...
Etched in blood of mine!

I would risk it all for a
Chance to breach these walls
I would roll the dice...
Offer any sacrifice and i

Wont live one more day with these broken gears
Full of Blood and tears

So baby
No more crying!
Only chaos!
No relying on someone to save us!

If you only knew all the
Things that ive been through!
If i had your soul, would it
Lift me from this hole?

Be my hands forever stained
By a thousand smears
Full of blood and...

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 10:46